Traveling Music

So, I’m going home today. I call it home even though it technically isn’t anymore. I may never live on six acres of heaven on a hill in the Midwest, but I will always call it home.

The city, the gravel roads, the sunsets, the neighborhoods…they are mine. I drive in that place and I call it mine, even though my mail arrives at a box 400 miles east of where my heart truly is.

I love to drive there. Absolutely love it. Others call it the most boring stretch of road/Interstate/state they’ve ever seen, but I love it. And the one thing that makes it better is a killer playlist for the road.

This one will not last me the 6 hour drive. Not even close. But it will get me started and through to when the sun sets tonight.

P.S. Shuffle is not recommended, as the last song (Mary Chapin Carpenter’s matchless “10,000 Miles”) is a prerequisite to the perfect sunset drive. Enjoy!


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