So, I have a mouse…

…in my car. Somewhere. *shudder*

My mechanic informed me that my vehicle showed signs of being a rodent motel. This unfortunately confirmed the was-that-a-mouse? glimpse I caught last week when pulling out of the garage. I’ve had mice before; last summer I found that the three mice sitting on my windshield were dispatched once I got up to >30 miles an hour.

But now? I don’t want mouse poison, because they crawl off and die who knows where and I don’t want to deal with dead-mouse-smell in my car or garage. I could put traps and et cetera in the garage, but that doesn’t solve the in-vehicle problem. Is there a nice-for-humans-but-not-for-mice sort of repellent that is effective? It’s a closed space, obviously, so it’d be helpful if the smell wasn’t terrible.

Any ideas?


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