Tell The Truth Tuesday

(The Tumblr version)

1. I missed posting a TTTT last week, and almost completely forgot about doing it this week. Is this proof that I have a life outside of the internet? Please say yes.

2. My evening classes have been cancelled for the past week due to the weather. I was happy about no class last week, but this week…don’t tell anyone, but I think I miss it?

3. My friend invited me to her ensemble concert at college. Afterwards, she asked me if it was good. I didn’t tell her that only about half of the concert was decent; I just asked her if they had felt prepared for it.

4. That same friend and I spent the weekend together at her school. We were going to do some epic shopping sort of things together, but we ended up watching Supernatural the whole time, occasionally coming out of our hermit-state for a late-night ice cream run.

5. The parking lot is covered in snow. Wet snow. I really want to see how my car handles donuts, but I don’t want to do it while all the shop guys are out smoking and can see the whole thing. Ugh…it’s so hard to wait until they go home.

And that’s it! What’s your Tuesday look like?


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