My dad pulled out his old analog cameras last night, with the intent to price them on Ebay. The one on the right is a Canon AE-1 Program. The other is a Pentax ME Super, with an old Vivitar teleconverter lens, a 40-80mm Pentax zoom lens, and a flash unit.

Dad said they won’t sell for much. I said I don’t care. He said they were old and dirty. I said please reference the aforementioned comment. He said he’d sell them to me. I said: sold.

I own a two-year-old Canon PowerShot SX20IS – a decent non-SLR digital camera. I needed an everything-in-one camera, since at the time I purchased it, I was unable to afford the lenses for an actual SLR. The PowerShot has been lovely, but I’ve promised myself that my next camera will be one in Canon’s EOS line, unless a Nikon Dsomething gets to me first.

But to get an actual analog camera? With film and lenses and the possibilities that arise therein?

Quite frankly, I don’t care that both cameras are older than I am. The Pentax has a “serviced in Sept ’82” sticker inside, and the Canon’s interior needs a good cleaning. They are both well used – the Canon was last in regular service in 2006. But, at minimal cost to myself, I’m getting the chance to explore another part of the amazing world of photography.

The cleaning kit has been ordered, the camera manuals have both been found and downloaded (thank you, Google), and the research has begun. The possibilities are endless.

Are you a photography enthusiast? What camera do you have? Have you used film cameras before? Tips are welcomed!


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