Tell The Truth Tuesday: Finals Week Edition

I appreciate and despise take-home finals. While I’m grateful for the fact that I don’t have to be in class for 4+ hours taking a regular final exam, I also struggle with bringing one home and spending upwards of 7 hours on it instead. My government midterm was a 10 hour ordeal. Six of those hours were spent in an afternoon at the library, featuring one bathroom break and no electronics. Regardless of how productive I was/am, let’s face it: accounting finals are long, and without the time constraints of an in-class session, they’re even worse.

So multiply that times 3, add in the usual 40 hour work week, top it off with an out-of-state graduation to attend this weekend, and set a deadline of next Monday…now here is what my life looks like:


That’s all I’ve got today, folks. What about you?


One comment on “Tell The Truth Tuesday: Finals Week Edition

  1. Colin says:

    I never had to do a take-home exam, but it might have been an interesting experience. I hope all goes well for you over the next week, Rae. 🙂

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