Tell The Truth Tuesday: Scrivener and Staples

Today has a theme! Things that begin with ‘S’.

1. Staples. I love refilling my stapler. It’s one of those little perks of working in an office; using cool office supplies because you’re actually doing work. I never use enough staples at home to refill the stapler.

2. Sunshine. What happened to it? I don’t understand you, June. It’s almost summer, and it’s 60 degrees and threatening to rain.

3. Software. I need Aeon Timeline. I’ve been needing something like this for a coon’s age, but it’s only available for Mac. *sob* I need to stop looking at it.

4. Scrivener. This beauty is available for Windows, and I’m going to break down and buy it tonight, I know it. I’ve wanted it for over a year now, but I’m a reluctant-to-change-what-if-it-breaks-my-mojo sort of writer. But if I can’t have Aeon, at least I can have Scrivener.

5. Swamped. Did I miss a memo or something? Is it Monday? Because the volume of work on my desk and the amount of time in a day and the events that are supposed to happen this week and all the things I’m supposed to do and nope, this isn’t a collision course at all.

Your turn! What’s the truth for you today?


2 comments on “Tell The Truth Tuesday: Scrivener and Staples

  1. Colin says:

    OK, I’m late to this because it’s now Wednesday. But I will say that Summer’s here in NC–the temps this weekend were hovering around 90, and it’s been in the 80s so far this week. We’re smiling now, but that will change in a month or so when we’re getting upper 90s for days on end and longing for Fall. And that’s my Tuesday Truth. 🙂

    • Rae says:

      90s? Already? It’s 65 and cold raining today. I’m not a huge fan of the 90+ weather, but I think I’m ready for some sunshine! 😛

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