Letters From An MBI Student – 8/21

Dear Family,

Okay, I lied. There are too many people. They just keep showing up, and my brain has decided it has a capacity for about twenty names, let alone any majors. This girl I had already met sat down next to me and said “Hi, twin!” I did that apologetic grin I’m perfecting and asked her what her name was. It’s the same as mine. Oops. Does this mean I’m going to start forgetting my own name now? Possibly.

I auditioned for Chorale today. It was terrible. Except the existing members were friendly and willing to run through the audition hymn beforehand. And the chorale director was really enthusiastic and gave criticism without making us cry. And I auditioned with people just as nervous as I was. And I think I stayed (mostly) on key. And…okay, so maybe it wasn’t terrible? I guess not, because I got in. I have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into. Does this make me a music geek? Don’t answer that, please.

We leave for a retreat tomorrow. What is that? I think I’m more nervous about that than the audtion. We’re probably going to hold hands around a ceremonial fire and sing “Kumbaya” in perfect pitch. I’m in trouble; I don’t even know “Kumbaya!”

Retreat means I can’t come home for chocolate this weekend. Is that okay? I don’t have a CPO box (they call it SEE-POE and someone said it’s the loneliest place on campus) but you can send it to me when I get it. Maybe then I’ll have some consolation gift to give after forgetting the name of everyone on my dorm floor (again).

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten your names. How hard can it be to remember “Mom” and “Dad”?

Maybe missing you,



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