Letters From An MBI Student – 9/2

Dear Family,

Please do not send chocolate. Send hot tea, slippers, a blanket, my bathrobe, that big green chair, a thermometer, and six boxes of Kleenex, please.

By my count, I’ve officially made it 13 days without getting sick. Hello, 14th day.

I felt really silly going to the health office. The other kid in my class who had been sniffling almost as badly as I was–I don’t think anyone else alive could have been sniffling like me–was there already. We saluted each other with Kleenex. I don’t know his name but we’re running buddies: running to the bathroom for more tissue.

I had to come back for an appointment, so I took a nap and pretended I wasn’t sick. It didn’t work very well, so I still felt stupid going to the nurses. I think that’s probably your fault, Mom. If we weren’t pouring blood, we didn’t go to the doctor; and even if we were gushing, that’s what we had the butterfly band-aids for. So going to the nurse felt like calling an ambulance for a zit. “I’m sorry, I have a runny nose and feel like I’m going to fall over. Can you please let me know how I am?”

Um, sick, that’s what.

The nurse was nice, though. She remembered me and my health forms, so that was cool. And she told me that it was normal to get sick like this. Coming to a campus where sickness spreads like Dean’s salutes and students from around the globe bring diseases packed between their sweaters and shoes. Darn you, international students. So that made me feel less like a baby when the one hour of sleep and six packages of Kleenex and one roll of toilet paper finally caught up to me and I did that thing that Kleenex is normally used for.

So the nurse told me I was sick, which I knew. And then she told me not to leave me room, which I didn’t want to hear. And then she gave me Kleenex, which I did need. And then cough drops, which I couldn’t have. And then a thermometer, so I could find out that I had a fever for real, since the hot/cold/Millenium Force ride of course couldn’t tell me that.

So I’ve skipped classes and pretended to do homework and felt mostly miserable. But Lady and The Roomie brought me more tissue, and I’ve got a shiny thermometer to tell me when I can go to class, and I’m finally going to drink all that hot tea I brought.

So maybe I just need the slippers, and the blanket, and the bathrobe, and that chair. Also, please add Mom and send it all overnight, yeah? Because I think you were right, Mom. Sometimes you don’t need the nurse.

Maybe missing you,



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