Letters From An MBI Student – 10/29

Dear Family,

Please consider this your notice that a) I haven’t died and b) I haven’t dropped out of Moody. To give you an idea of life right now, here are my current favorite things:

  1. Kleenex. Yep, I’m sick again. This one’s a whopper. No fever this time, but I lost my voice, so that’s cool. And I have an impressive cough that I’m really hoping will go away so I stop sounding like a smoker. I’m on day four of my insides itching like a thousand mosquito bites, but I suppose that’s to be expected after going through another box of Kleenex in two days.
  2. Soup. It’s officially cold outside, and I’ve been making soup like crazy. Thanks for the pot, Mom–last week I filled it with chicken, onion, and mushroom soup. Today I went to cook up some fish and turned it into the world’s best fish soup. I feel like the Soup King–er, Queen–and the three quart jars of deliciousness in my fridge boost my ego every time I see them.
  3. Sleep. I don’t think I will ever, ever catch up on sleep. I have a ton more to tell you (debate tournaments, work pumpkins, and coffee sorts of things) but, sorry, sleep is more important. I apologize that you have been replaced by sleep, but that’s sort of the way things are right now. Give me about 24 hours of it and then I’ll be ready to write to you again.

Until then,



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