Hey! I’m Rae. Welcome to my life as seen from the internet.

I currently study theology for school and life, drink coffee like the world is ending, read to satiate insatiable desire, dabble in photography, play music and the radio with dilettante skill, watch movies with cars and guns and stuff that explodes, drive too fast, and occasionally cook an allergy-frustrated meal with a fire extinguisher at the ready. I crave honesty, vivid speech, careful theology, unashamed doxology, and the sunsets of my beloved Midwest. I am an adopted child of God, an apprentice of language, and a lover of words and the Word who breathed them first.

This blog is a scrapbook of my life: letters of fact and fiction, snapshots of past and present, clippings of music and words in the moment, and the penciled thoughts of a soul in development. Thank you for stopping by!


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