Hey! My name is Rae, and welcome to my life as seen from the internet. If you’re looking for labels, here are a few of the honest ones: a Midwest kid, apprentice of words, cautious writer, YA enthusiast, former comptroller with an affinity for accounting and business, forever student, Chicago wanderer, intentional reader, aggressive driver of things with a gas pedal, middle child, allergen-limited foodie, unworthy sinner saved only by grace, dilettante musician, debater of anything, fan of movies with cars and guns and stuff that explodes, coffee-snob-in-training, adopted child of God, lover of sunsets, and lifelong sojourner until home at last.

This blog is a record of most of the above: writing of both fact and fiction, music, photography, strange things, and the occasional rant about life in general. Thanks for stopping by!


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