Tell The Truth Tuesday: Music Edition

I don’t have very many interesting truths to tell this week. Actually, I have a number of burning topics that definitely fall into the realm of truth-telling, but they’re a little too long to be hashed out from my desk here at work. (Shh…I’m on break.)

So, here’s the quickie edition of Tell The Truth Tuesday, involving five songs that are getting the top plays on my ipod this week. These are in no particular order, and I apologize in advance for the ear-jarring whiplash one might receive from hearing this [very random] mix.

1. Hurts, “Somebody To Die For”

I finally got a hold of their latest album, ‘Exile’, and it’s getting just as many plays as their stellar debut, ‘Happiness’. Quickly becoming one of my favorite bands.


2. Queensryche, “Silent Lucidity”

I first heard this song in the Supernatural Season 2 episode, “Heart”, and it’s been one of my favorites lately. I don’t listen to this sort of music very much, but it’s a lovely change of pace from the relentless pop genre.


3. Fall Out Boy, “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)”

Speaking of relentless…I haven’t really watched the music video for this, but I may or may not be addicted to this song. Part pop, part punk, part rock and roll, and all completely awesome.


4. Tenth Avenue North, “Don’t Stop The Madness”

Another new album, and another favorite song. One of my favorite Christian bands, and one whose lyrics are always completely honest.


5. Kansas, “Carry On My Wayward Son”, lullaby version

Yes, one of my favorite songs as a lullaby. Somebody hold me.


Traveling Music

So, I’m going home today. I call it home even though it technically isn’t anymore. I may never live on six acres of heaven on a hill in the Midwest, but I will always call it home.

The city, the gravel roads, the sunsets, the neighborhoods…they are mine. I drive in that place and I call it mine, even though my mail arrives at a box 400 miles east of where my heart truly is.

I love to drive there. Absolutely love it. Others call it the most boring stretch of road/Interstate/state they’ve ever seen, but I love it. And the one thing that makes it better is a killer playlist for the road.

This one will not last me the 6 hour drive. Not even close. But it will get me started and through to when the sun sets tonight.

P.S. Shuffle is not recommended, as the last song (Mary Chapin Carpenter’s matchless “10,000 Miles”) is a prerequisite to the perfect sunset drive. Enjoy!