Tell The Truth Tuesday…

[…wherein I attempt to be honest, and usually end up being random.]

1. Usually I have trouble writing the new year on things for at least the first month. This year, my problem isn’t writing 2012 on everything instead of 2013. Nope. This year, I keep trying to write 2014.

2.  I’m going to Colorado, and I’m nervous and excited and most of all: happy that I don’t have to pay for gas. I’m such a cheapskate.

3. I actually found some decent things at Goodwill while shopping their $1.23 sale.

4.  I use sticky notes on my desk for my to-do lists. Usually I transfer them into Outlook when I have time. I currently have 18 sticky notes on my desk, and not enough time.

5. Sometimes I wish people would change, and sometimes I think that is the worse thing that could happen.

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Tell The Truth Tuesday

1. I didn’t have class last night because it was a holiday. I should have been studying…but I wrote instead.

2. I hate coat shopping. Everything is too short in the sleeves.

3. I need to take my car in to get fixed–it drives like a dying sewing machine–but the service engine light turned off, so now I don’t want to because I don’t have an official excuse.

4.  I’m super excited for February to get here, mostly because my budget starts over for the month.

5. I have to drive three hours tonight. Whose idea was it to schedule eye appts and school classes in cities an hour apart? Oh, right, that was my idea. Genius.

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