Tell The Truth Tuesday

Full of randomness today.  Here’s the top 5.

1. It’s 80 degrees outside. I don’t know whether to be excited or confused because apparently it’s summer already? What happened to spring?!

2. Only two weeks of classes left. Whew. I can make it. Although it’d be helpful if my professors weren’t so trigger-happy with their quizzes and homework. I know I’m going to receive gargantuan finals in all my classes next week, so could you maybe lay off with the assignments this week? Give me a little time to prep? Please?

3. I drove back to my hometown (again) this weekend. I love everything about my weekends at home, although it’s still hard to have everyone ask when I’m coming back, as if that is still an option. I’m not sure if they truly believe that my move was on a whim or consider it a possibility that I’ll break my work and school commitments here to return.

4. I’ve started trying to write short stories (again). I’ve been on sort of a writing break for a lot of this semester, and I miss it terribly. So of course I’m writing again, with classes and end-of-the-school-year commitments breathing down my neck. Brilliant me.

5. Maybe it’s just the weather (full moon?), but drivers were crazy this weekend. Phone numbers on paper plates and shirtless college guys hanging out of their jeeps to leer on Interstate, gangsters in souped-up Cadillacs trying to chat at the stoplights (no, I don’t roll my window down on command), and prepsters trying to drag race in front of the mall (Okay, so it was the prime racing spot in the city and famous for what happens after midnight, but even still: I drive a 14 yr old wagon with the engine power of a sewing machine. Do I look like I’m interested?!).

What’s up in your life?


Tell The Truth Tuesday

1. I left class early last night because I was falling asleep. I’ve never done that, but last night was impossible. Governmental accounting until 9 pm while running off a weekend that featured less than 4 hours of sleep a night? Not happening.

2. I was planing on getting 8 hours of sleep last night. I overslept my alarm and got 9 hours instead. Whoops.

3. On Thursday I have an appointment with a doctor to go over the results of some blood tests I had done. My mom wants to go with me, even though I’m not dying, and the blood tests are actually pretty routine for me. I suppose I should feel gratified that she’s interested in my health, but having her along tends to complicate things more than I would like.

4. Do you ever feel like you’re dependent on your vehicle? My car may be an ancient, unattractive thing known as “The Green Bomb”, but I’d rather be driving it than the family vehicle that handles like a semi and is not ipod compatible, no matter than 5-years-newer difference.

5. This is my new favorite chart.


What’s happening in your corner of the world today?

Tell The Truth Tuesday

(The Tumblr version)

1. I missed posting a TTTT last week, and almost completely forgot about doing it this week. Is this proof that I have a life outside of the internet? Please say yes.

2. My evening classes have been cancelled for the past week due to the weather. I was happy about no class last week, but this week…don’t tell anyone, but I think I miss it?

3. My friend invited me to her ensemble concert at college. Afterwards, she asked me if it was good. I didn’t tell her that only about half of the concert was decent; I just asked her if they had felt prepared for it.

4. That same friend and I spent the weekend together at her school. We were going to do some epic shopping sort of things together, but we ended up watching Supernatural the whole time, occasionally coming out of our hermit-state for a late-night ice cream run.

5. The parking lot is covered in snow. Wet snow. I really want to see how my car handles donuts, but I don’t want to do it while all the shop guys are out smoking and can see the whole thing. Ugh…it’s so hard to wait until they go home.

And that’s it! What’s your Tuesday look like?

Tuesday Again!

Time for “Tell The Truth Tuesday”, late in this crazy sort of day…

1. Every time it’s Tuesday, I think of this:

2. I realized that I prefer visiting tourist-y towns by myself. It gives me more time to browse without interruption or obligation to be sociable or what else.

3. It doesn’t really matter that my car is ancient or highly unfashionable. I can still drive it like a boss.

4. I had sushi for the first time, in my limited food-allergy-sort-of-way, and discovered that raw octopus is my favorite.

5. I visited Denver for 3 days. I officially love Denver.



What about you?

So, I have a mouse…

…in my car. Somewhere. *shudder*

My mechanic informed me that my vehicle showed signs of being a rodent motel. This unfortunately confirmed the was-that-a-mouse? glimpse I caught last week when pulling out of the garage. I’ve had mice before; last summer I found that the three mice sitting on my windshield were dispatched once I got up to >30 miles an hour.

But now? I don’t want mouse poison, because they crawl off and die who knows where and I don’t want to deal with dead-mouse-smell in my car or garage. I could put traps and et cetera in the garage, but that doesn’t solve the in-vehicle problem. Is there a nice-for-humans-but-not-for-mice sort of repellent that is effective? It’s a closed space, obviously, so it’d be helpful if the smell wasn’t terrible.

Any ideas?

Tell The Truth Tuesday…

1. I hate talking on the phone.

2. I watched Minority Report and Total Recall for this first time this past weekend. The cities may be mostly CGI, but they are amazing.

3. The engine light on my car came on again, and the vehicle sounds like it has no muffler. So I finally called to schedule a repair. The engine light turned off ten minutes after I made the call.

4. The printer in my office randomly cycles on its own and freaks me out.

5. I’m renegotiating some of our utility contracts at work. 90% of this involves me pretending like I know what I’m talking about. (The other 10% is putting my John Hancock on whatever paperwork they send over.)

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Tell The Truth Tuesday

1. I didn’t have class last night because it was a holiday. I should have been studying…but I wrote instead.

2. I hate coat shopping. Everything is too short in the sleeves.

3. I need to take my car in to get fixed–it drives like a dying sewing machine–but the service engine light turned off, so now I don’t want to because I don’t have an official excuse.

4.  I’m super excited for February to get here, mostly because my budget starts over for the month.

5. I have to drive three hours tonight. Whose idea was it to schedule eye appts and school classes in cities an hour apart? Oh, right, that was my idea. Genius.

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