What’s Been Written

For the curious, here is a peek into the encyclopedia of tags on this blog and the OCD mind that uses them.

babbling about books – book reviews, officially and unofficially

Books – Quotes, reviews, lists, the whole kit-and-caboodle

Captions and Comics – funny things I found on the internet that I shouldn’t have hotlinked because it’ll probably be gone when you go to look at it

Caution: Hard Hat Area: Work In Progress – unfinished works (both myself and my writing) that are occasionally silly, possibly sappy, and sometimes a rant

Characters – my own or others and times I’ve written about them

City of the Big Shoulders – please understand this reference

Dreams – the ones that spill out of my brain and others

Family – the best and the worst and the in between

Goals – involving writing, life, and some probably unrealistic things

Home – sometimes known; mostly wistful

I Love The Internet – because it makes me laugh

Letters – the collective of everything missive

Letters To Home – 95% factual writings from yours truly

Losing my sanity – self-evidencing

Lyrics – honestly, that’s it

ME TOO – true things that are also funny

mountains out of molehills – a rant is in here somewhere, probably

Movies – here is where I’ll say something about things that go *boom*

On Writing – writing advice, where the best stuff is probably not mine

Poetry – duh

Quotes – from anywhere and anything

Reading – if this was a Venn diagram with the ‘Books’ tag, it’d just be one big circle

Ready.Set.Write! – cool writer things I’ve participated in

Remember Me – a time for everything, including this

Requiem – a bit quiet, a bit serious, a bit nostalgic, and a bit heavy on the goodbyes

Road Trip Wednesday – another cool writer thing

School – forever student, remember?

Sunsets – //these are a few of my favorite things//

Tell The Truth Tuesday – a 5-true-things-today post that ran for a while. This still pops up every once in a while on (yep, you guessed it!) Tuesdays

The Green Bomb – [spoiler alert] it’s a car

The Telly That Ate My Life – and is eating yours, too

Things With Equivocal Accedence – a word-snob [#sorrynotsorry] way of saying that the tagged post is questionable, open to debate, not quite what I believe, or less than 100% true or recommended. You’ll probably find this on quotes or songs that I liked but aren’t for everyone.

This Is Love – part friendship, part faith, part what life looks like when God is teaching me to be not selfish

Travel – I don’t just wander Chicago

True Story – the line between fact and fiction is drawn here. If it’s tagged, it’s mine: and it’s true.

What’s Up Wednesday – more wonderful writer things

Work – because I love it [not kidding] and sometimes I write about it [also not kidding]

Writing – if it’s tagged like this, it’s a) me talking about writing or b) my actual writing. Not all things here are real.

Writing Songs – the music section is a lot of “Hey, I love this!” but this tag is “Hey, my story loves this!”

YouTube – welcome to the black hole of the Internet